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Viewed times. I have a class that takes an options object with a lot of configurations inside.

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Sign in to your account. In issue 27 commentsindresorhus asked:. I've opened a new issue since I think it's a separate topic from the defaultValue tag. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. My initial instinct would be to say that TSDoc should not be involved with parameter defaults, because the information is already clearly expressed in the source code.

But there's a hitch.

The TypeScript compiler does not propagate this information into the generated. For example, you might get output like this:. So it does seem that the doc comments need to express this somehow.

I went and looked at JSDoc for comparison. Their param tag spuports a special notation for this. It uses [] to indicate an optional parameter which is redundant in TypeScript, but is maybe a useful grouping mechanism. If we follow that approach, we'd get something like this:. This could work, however TSDoc seeks to be a rigorous and syntactically complete language.

I have a number of design questions about JSDoc's notation:. Why aren't string literals enclosed in quotes? Or what the title was "] -"?Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. However there doesn't seem to be a way to represent this in JSDoc, TypeScript seems to just split template on comma and take the longest identifier. This proposal is to extend template in JSDoc to support generic defaults e.

The syntax isn't really important, but the capability would be helpful. I don't think this would cause any grammar issues but I'm not sure.

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Well, I like the color of your bikeshed.

jsdoc default value

You know, as long as it doesn't end up making anything explode In the case of functions, typescript could also infer the default value of a generic parameter from the default value of the parameter it is bounded to.

Here I would expect Typescript to infer that the type of test1 is number[] nulland the type of test2 is number[]. Currently version 3. The OP's "bikeshedding" does not give a syntax for a type parameter that is both constrained and includes a default value.

The former syntax more closely matches paramand I don't think there are any other examples of syntax similar to the latter, as far as I can see. Has there been any opinion from the team about this? I see weswigham is the only contributor participating?

I just linked to this issue from tsd-jsdoc and it would be great if tsd-jsdoc and the TS team could all align on a syntax that works for everybody. Though, to be fair, template is not specified in core JSDoc, it's a Closure extension, so the JSDoc compiler should already be ignoring it.

This is a pretty severe blocker for me, since I express all my types in JSDoc, and want to add template parameters in a backward-compatible way especially to take an existing type and turn it into a template without breaking callers.

My only other option that I'd prefer not to, is to move the many interdependent declarations into a. I want to chime in as well, I've been using JSDoc as a way to add compile safety to my plain JS code, and it's been a mostly pleasant experience, until I hit this limitation. I second the following syntax, as it preserves the current behavior and mirrors default type assignments in TypeScript:.Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. For example:. Correctly parsing the above parameter requires matching brackets except inside stringswhich is impossible in a normal regular expression and difficult in an extended one which I'm not sure Javascript supports.

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The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Skip to content.

New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels feature. Milestone 3. Copy link. Fix for jsdoc - Allow default values for parameters to contain br… …. We solve this by redefining splitName in terms of splitNameMatchingBrackets which tries to find the matching end bracket if the name starts with an open bracket. Ignores brackets inside strings. If splitNameMatchingBrackets fails to find the closing bracket, we fall back to the original regex method. Adding tests for fix jsdoc ….

Without the fix, we get the following when running. Stacktrace: undefined 2 should allow default values to have brackets Message: Expected '"user"]] - Path split into components' to be 'Path split into components'. Stacktrace: undefined 4 should allow default values to have brackets inside strings Message: Expected 'begin: ["]] - Path split into components' to be 'Path split into components'.

Stacktrace: undefined Finished in 5. Fixed on master. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment.

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Sign in to your account. Copied from my SO question:.

jsdoc default value

I expected to be able to extract the default value of a JsDoc param but I'm actually unable to find the default value on the JsDoc node. For example, give this:. I'd like to extract 42 from the node. Yet I find no default value field on the ts node:.

It exposes isBracketed but I cannot find the Typescript does claim to support default JsDoc arguments:. Yet I cannot seem to find the exposed in the AST And that's because, it's not currently in the AST!

The parser currently skips over the expression without storing the return value anywhere. I would use TS except I cannot express that a key must be a symbol! So you guys owe me! And then my equally glorious documentation can include the default value:. I'd guess this would be fairly trivial to expose on the AST. Just have to decide on a name.

Maybe defaultValue?

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Or rawDefaultValue just so I can return the string without concern for its type? Or maybe just a node that I can pull the raw text out of?The param tag requires you to specify the name of the parameter you are documenting.

You can also include the parameter's type, enclosed in curly brackets, and a description of the parameter. The parameter type can be a built-in JavaScript type, such as string or Objector a JSDoc namepath to another symbol in your code.

If you have written documentation for the symbol at that namepath, JSDoc will automatically link to the documentation for that symbol. You can also use a type expression to indicate, for example, that a parameter is not nullable or can accept any type; see the type tag documentation for details. If you provide a description, you can make the JSDoc comment more readable by inserting a hyphen before the description. Be sure to include a space before and after the hyphen. The following examples show how to include names, types, and descriptions in a param tag.

jsdoc default value

You can add a hyphen before the description to make it more readable. If a parameter is expected to have a specific property, you can document that property by providing an additional param tag. For example, if an employee parameter is expected to have name and department properties, you can document it as follows:.

If a parameter is destructured without an explicit name, you can give the object an appropriate one and document its properties. You can also combine this syntax with JSDoc's syntax for array parameters.

For example, if multiple employees can be assigned to a project:. The following examples show how to indicate that a parameter is optional and has a default value. The following examples show how to use type expressions to indicate that a parameter can accept multiple types or any typeand that a parameter can be provided more than once.

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jsdoc default value

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